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Pronunciation /ˈweɪtə/

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  • 1A man whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant.

    ‘Arriving passengers greet their cabin stewards and table waiters like long-lost family friends with smiling handshakes, hugs and much backslapping.’
    • ‘Lauren and I went to Osteria tonight and the waiters outnumbered the customers.’
    • ‘The waiters serve the women at each table first.’
    • ‘Zombori worked as a busboy and saw how the world's top waiters treated customers.’
    • ‘Ask restaurant waiters which menu items are vegetarian.’
    • ‘What restaurants need are professional waiters.’
    • ‘She worked in the kitchen while her children served as waiters and helpers.’
    • ‘I settled into one of the leather banquettes for a leisurely tea service, including scones and a slice of custard pie served by white-jacketed waiters.’
    • ‘Outside, scores of people mill about, waiters serve free coffee and soda, and a long queue waits to get into the hall.’
    • ‘The waiter also serves as a wine steward, so passengers generally need to know what vintages they like or dislike.’
    • ‘He said that the restaurant has about five waiters on duty during busy periods.’
    • ‘She worked in a few different places but finally settled down in a restaurant as a waiter and bartender.’
    • ‘They hold low-wage jobs as restaurant waiters, street cleaners, construction workers, and dishwashers.’
    • ‘The WCB regulations on second-hand smoke might well prevent a waiter from serving a customer who is smoking.’
    • ‘Service to start with was very slow, although not surprising when you have 2 waiters for a full restaurant.’
    • ‘Just as I gather up my courage to start a conversation with my neighbor, impeccably dressed waiters appear and begin serving dinner.’
    • ‘Hackneyed and sterile, the Rockwell is ideal if you are looking for vastly overpriced drinks served by offhand waiters with pathetically slow service.’
    • ‘At these coastal restaurants, the waiters might be wearing ties and the tables could be draped with linen, but customers are still welcome in shorts and flip-flops.’
    • ‘The young chefs and waiters were delighted with the opportunity of preparing and serving food to their teachers.’
    • ‘Then the head waiter rushes up with a candle.’
    server, waitress, stewardess, steward, attendant
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  • 2A person who waits for a time, event, or opportunity.

    ‘Mr McMahon said all of the long waiters in the eastern region should be given an opportunity to be treated under the fund and a record kept of those who don't wish to be involved in the scheme.’
    • ‘Although the Trust achieved its target of having no over 12 month waiters, 299 patients had been waiting longer than nine months at the end of March.’
  • 3A small tray; a salver.