Meaning of waiting room in English:

waiting room


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  • A room provided for the use of people who are waiting to be seen by a doctor or dentist or who are waiting in a station for a bus or train.

    ‘Many ICUs do not have private rooms near waiting rooms where doctors and nurses can consult and inform family members in confidence.’
    • ‘Take the magazine I picked up recently in the waiting room of my daughter's music school.’
    • ‘Patients waiting for appointments had to sit in the main corridors because there wasn't even a waiting room.’
    • ‘Twenty minutes later found both Jasper and I sitting in the hospital waiting room.’
    • ‘So we'll hear more and more audio ads in captive-audience situations like elevators, taxicabs, and doctors' waiting rooms.’
    • ‘But that will pass and they will get used to it, just as they are now used to not smoking on buses, trains, planes, in doctors' waiting rooms, in supermarkets.’
    • ‘In a waiting room resembling an interrogation room, we made an official report.’
    • ‘He proposed setting up a kiosk at the bus station with a waiting room and toilets.’
    • ‘Physicians should serve as role models by limiting the use of television and videos in waiting rooms and patient rooms.’
    • ‘It really is a bit like walking into the waiting room of a small police station.’
    • ‘On the door of a waiting room at East Croydon station this afternoon, I saw the following sign.’
    • ‘Most felt strongly about the need to redress the balance in favour of public transport, demanding more carriages on peak-hour trains, better bus stops and station waiting rooms and more bus routes.’
    • ‘A discussion took place in the waiting room of the custody suite at the Police Station at Crawley.’
    • ‘The handouts can be copied and placed in examination rooms or waiting rooms so patients can read about topics of personal interest.’
    • ‘It sets out plans for new rolling stock, extra services at peak times and a revamp of every station - including new car parks and waiting rooms.’
    • ‘Also included would be a medical centre with consultation rooms, surgery, treatment rooms, reception, waiting rooms, administration and staff rooms and a car park.’
    • ‘This a special skill only found on public transport and in doctors' waiting rooms, involving staring at anything, everything, even the stain on the window, just to avoid looking directly at someone else.’
    • ‘We are not supposed to be alarmed, and everything is designed to ease our anxieties: dentists' waiting rooms resemble domestic living rooms, shopping centres are teeming with security guards.’
    • ‘It is now routine for London Underground stations, railway stations and hospital waiting rooms to have signs warning us not to be rude to staff.’
    • ‘The improvements will vary from station to station, but include waiting rooms, toilets, shelters, CCTV and improved customer information systems.’
    entrance hall, hall, hallway, entrance, entry, porch, portico, reception area, atrium, concourse, lobby, vestibule, anteroom, antechamber, outer room, waiting room