Meaning of waitron in English:


Pronunciation /ˈweɪtrɒn/


  • A waiter or waitress (used as a neutral alternative).

    ‘We are naked, as it were, under the glinting gaze of waitrons and sales staffs across America.’
    • ‘You walk in around lunchtime, the vibe is right, there are no step-dancing waitrons, and the cheesecake is set on auto-spin.’
    • ‘By the time I concluded that yes, I did indeed need a piece of carrot cake and successfully bounced a rolled-up napkin off my waitron's neck, a saxophonist appeared.’
    • ‘Your job is to yell out your orders, and the waitron will ring bells back at you in response.’
    • ‘You don't even have to go to the open bar, which eventually closes at 7pm, as there are waitrons at every table, just waiting to assist you.’
    • ‘Our enthusiastic waitron, Shano, had not been briefed about the Sterling Light Lager Pub With Grub competition so we filled him in then ordered drinks.’
    • ‘Weyer, who works part-time as a waitron, said she was ‘very happy’ with her results, which were even better than she had expected.’
    • ‘It just makes everyone queasy, the waitron included.’
    • ‘We all met at the bar where Nicky, our waitron, served us our ice cold beers in chilled glasses and ran through the list of specials.’
    • ‘They provide ongoing training in hospitality industry skills: waitron, kitchen and general camp duties.’