Meaning of waka jumper in English:

waka jumper


informal New Zealand
  • An MP who leaves their political party during a parliamentary term.

    • ‘the bill ensures that parliamentarians who are voted in by their electors cannot be waka jumpers’
    • ‘He is a waka jumper, and he has been in five political parties.’
    • ‘Haven't most of the waka jumpers of the last decade taken a step to the right?’
    • ‘His funding should not be reinstated by relying on a ridiculous technicality and a rule designed for a completely different purpose—to deter real waka jumpers.’
    • ‘It's a provision Parliament put in place to help deter waka jumpers.’
    • ‘There are no potential coalition partners aside from the waka jumpers that will instantly leap back to Labour.’
    • ‘Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't I read that the waka jumper was one of the people who had visited the mansion?’
    • ‘He headed back to Wellington as an independent MP today, adding his name to the notorious list of waka jumpers.’
    • ‘Those we have spoken to over the telephone or bumped into on the street keep reminding us that the people in the north don’t like waka jumpers.’
    • ‘I am intrigued to hear the only ones complaining about the party's amendment to their constitution are waka jumpers and traitors.’
    • ‘Are waka jumpers necessary for minority representation?’


Early 21st century from waka + jumper.