Meaning of wakeboarding in English:


Pronunciation /ˈweɪkbɔːdɪŋ/


mass noun
  • The sport of riding on a short, wide board resembling a surfboard and performing acrobatic maneuvers while being towed behind a motorboat.

    ‘Kite surfing fuses some of the skills of surfing, wind surfing and wakeboarding.’
    • ‘On offer at this little slice of heaven is water-skiing, wakeboarding, and knee boarding.’
    • ‘But while Lewis likes skiing and will teach it if asked, wakeboarding is the sport of the future, he said.’
    • ‘Now, wakeboarding isn't the most recognized of the extreme sports, but it is certainly one of the more exciting and visceral ones.’
    • ‘It's like, well, what snow-boarding is to snow-skiing, wakeboarding is to water-skiing.’
    • ‘Palmer has won Winter X-Games events in snow boarding, mountain biking, extreme skiing, and wakeboarding.’
    • ‘Thus, the issue of whether wakeboarding is a high-risk sport and what the frequency of injury is could not be determined from the present study.’
    • ‘Why not try your hand at a spot of water-skiing or wakeboarding at Pine Lake Watersports, which offers lessons to people of all abilities.’
    • ‘A world leader in the fast-growing sport of wakeboarding, Shaun Murray is one of seven professional riders featured in the game.’
    • ‘Invented in 1979 by Tony Finn in California, wakeboarding was the water sport of the 1990s and is now the fastest growing board sport in the world.’
    • ‘According to Spitzner, new participants see rallying as an ‘extreme sport,’ like wakeboarding and snowboarding.’
    • ‘A hybrid of water-skiing, surfing and snowboarding, wakeboarding is a relatively new sport to these shores and the annual competition is in its fifth year.’
    • ‘From wakeboarding, to kiteboarding, to windsurfing and even sailing, the Blue Lagoon Windsurfing Club is brings a wide range of water sports for people of all ages.’
    • ‘As well as water-skiing, the centre would offer a host of other water sports, including wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, sailing and windsurfing.’
    • ‘Bessinger says arm strength is important in wakeboarding because like water-skiing you're pulled behind a boat and every movement you make is centered on your arms and upper body reacting to the boat.’
    • ‘The increase is assumed to be due to boat owners making the most of the opportunity for water-skiing and wakeboarding before the 10 mph speed limit is introduced.’
    • ‘There are numerous magazines and Web sites devoted to wakeboarding, and both amateur and professional wakeboarders compete in various tournaments, national and world championships.’
    • ‘Kitesurfing evolved in the mid-1990s out of other extreme water sports, combining the most exciting elements of windsurfing and wakeboarding and taking them to vastly greater heights.’
    • ‘But, all too often, it is used as a stepping stone to conventional skis or wakeboarding and the skill of kneeboarding is taken no further.’
    • ‘Eight years ago I saw wakeboarding featured on an extreme-sports show.’


1960s (describing a similar sport in which the rider is propelled by the wake of a motor boat rather than towed): from wake, on the pattern of surfboarding.