Meaning of Waldsterben in English:



mass noun
  • Disease and death in forest trees in central Europe as a result of atmospheric pollution.

    ‘the politicians of Europe were galvanized by Waldsterben unlike any environmental issue’
    • ‘Acid rain from fossil-fuel pollution damaged the forest that remained so much that the term Waldsterben (forest death) was coined a few decades ago.’
    • ‘In the case of Waldsterben in central Europe, three types of symptoms typify the recent changes that have taken place in many species of trees under a wide variety of ecological conditions.’
    • ‘Back in the 80s I did several feature stories for American Forests Magazine on Waldsterben.’
    • ‘So the debate about what causes this deficiency has become central to the wider argument about Waldsterben.’
    • ‘The main causes of the pollution responsible for Waldsterben are industrial plants and traffic.’



/ˈvaltˌʃtɛːb(ə)n/ /ˈvaltˌʃtɛrbn/


1980s from German, from Wald ‘forest’ + Sterben ‘death’.