Meaning of walk back in English:

walk back

phrasal verb

mainly US
  • walk something back, walk back somethingRetract a statement or reverse an action or decision.

    ‘senior members of the administration tried to walk back her comments’
    • ‘As you know, we're already starting to walk back the emergency measures we took in the crisis.’
    • ‘And then later the military, the joint chiefs, tried to walk back the nuclear option, which is, of course, crazy.’
    • ‘Gingrich has since walked back those comments, insisting he is focused on the economic crisis.’
    • ‘Offered a chance to walk his gaffe back, the poor fellow only digs himself deeper.’
    • ‘Representatives of European Union member nations are walking back parts of the 1995 Dayton Agreement that had put an end to the three-and-a-half year war that had torn the country apart.’
    • ‘And it does appear that he's walking back his statement, trying not to, perhaps, lose friends and favor in Washington at this time.’
    • ‘I think everybody kind of gets the gist of what she is trying to say, but it is also true that she is walking back several of her statements.’
    • ‘He walked back his comments almost immediately. Who knows where he really stands on the issue?’
    • ‘Republican leaders have since walked back their support of the measure.’
    • ‘A day later he walked his comments back.’