Meaning of walk in on in English:

walk in on

phrasal verb

  • walk in on someone or somethingCome upon a person or situation suddenly or unexpectedly.

    ‘he was clearly not expecting her to walk in on him just then’
    • ‘Shannon snapped his fingers as if remembering the situation he had unexpectedly walked in on.’
    • ‘Now his mind filled with relief he walked in on yet another difficult situation which seemed to surround his life although this was a little more serious than he had expected.’
    • ‘I think I'm developing a knack for walking in on situations like this.’
    • ‘Suddenly she walked in on his life and he could think of nothing but her.’
    • ‘today I left about 45 minutes earlier than I normally would and whilst driving back my mind started to think about what I might walk in on.’
    • ‘The former Scotland scrum-half was so thoroughly underwhelmed by yesterday's performance that any outsider walking in on his post-mortem could have been forgiven for assuming that Kelso had lost.’
    • ‘I just hope I covered my feelings up well because I felt awkward walking in on that.’
    • ‘The 26-year-old mother was stabbed in February at a travel agency in Toronto, Canada when she reportedly walked in on a robbery/murder in progress.’
    • ‘She made a call to police, who walked in on Starr as he entered the kitchen of the 90-year-old woman.’