Meaning of walk into in English:

walk into

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phrasal verb

  • 1walk into somethingBecome involved in something through ignorance or carelessness.

    ‘I had walked into a situation from which there was no escape’
    • ‘They are walking into a favourable demographic situation, and recognize the fact.’
    • ‘No-one can walk into a situation and make things world class just like that - it takes time.’
    • ‘There was no chance you could walk into the Hibs situation at that time and change it overnight.’
    • ‘He gets a ticket to scout film locations in Fiji, and walks into Rabuka's coup.’
    • ‘At first he has everything under control but then the lovely Erica walks into his life.’
  • 2walk into somethingAchieve a state or position easily or undeservedly.

    ‘no one has the right to walk straight into a well-paid job for life’
    • ‘She walked straight into a business analyst position with a major consulting firm after graduating in economics and government.’
    • ‘After studying computer service technology at college, he walked straight into a job as an electronics engineer.’