Meaning of walkabout disease in English:

walkabout disease


mass nounAustralian
  • A disease of horses, in particular Kimberley disease.

    ‘donkeys were a godsend because they are relatively immune to walkabout disease’
    • ‘We were always needing horses because they were always dying from walkabout disease.’
    • ‘Two years was a good season for horses out there; they die with walkabout disease.’
    • ‘Maybe the horses they had were knocked out by walkabout disease.’
    • ‘Walkabout disease of horses causes considerable inconvenience to station activities.’
    • ‘The plant has been suspected of causing walkabout disease in horses.’
    • ‘Bullocks and horses couldn't take the often extreme heat, and horses also were prone to walkabout disease.’
    • ‘There was never any walkabout disease in the area.’
    • ‘They are prone to walkabout disease, caused by them eating a bluey-green bush with a yellow flower.’
    • ‘The State Department of Agriculture is running an investigation into the walkabout disease that affects horses.’
    • ‘Walkabout disease has been responsible for yearly losses running into many thousands of pounds.’