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Pronunciation /ˈwɔːkə/

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  • 1A person who walks, especially for exercise or enjoyment.

    ‘he was a keen walker’
    • ‘a fell-walker’
    • ‘Over 90 people of all ages took part in the walk, the youngest walker being 4 year old Rachel Kelly from Cloggernagh, Glenhest.’
    • ‘Dog walkers, who exercise their pets in the fields, have complained to the police, claiming substances at the site have poisoned their pets.’
    • ‘He was a keen walker of long-distance trails in Britain and loved travelling.’
    • ‘In his younger days Mr Trickett was a keen walker and cyclist.’
    • ‘As a keen walker and climber he decided to create a route which other people could enjoy.’
    • ‘A poor runner could run it in 25 minutes, while a decent walker could walk it in 50 minutes.’
    • ‘From the feedback all the walkers really enjoyed the walk.’
    • ‘In Bristol, walkers can join the walk starting at Brunel's historic Suspension Bridge, spanning the Avon gorge.’
    • ‘This walk is a grade B walk suitable for regular walkers.’
    • ‘We have established that daily dog walking by a dog walker is great idea.’
    • ‘The walk is a grade B walk for experienced walkers and covers a distance of 4.5 miles.’
    • ‘Board walks take walkers through bog and tussock up to a moraine ridge overlooking the Otira Valley.’
    • ‘I have, in isolated cases, had walkers deliberately walk in front of the bike and I have had to swerve to avoid them.’
    • ‘We would appreciate it if you would support this event by taking part in the walk, sponsoring a walker or making a contribution.’
    • ‘A search facility allows walkers to look for walks by clicking on an area of a map or to search by length and grade of walk nearby towns and villages.’
    • ‘He is a great walker, having walked through all of Cairo's districts over the years - which remains the reason why Mahfouz never owned a car.’
    • ‘On Sunday June 1st a large crowd of walkers left Belmullet to walk 10 miles to the Lighthouse Tavern for Charity.’
    • ‘As a keen walker I enjoy not only long distance walks but also local walks around the footpaths of Keighley.’
    • ‘Last summer holidays the keen walker and his mother walked an impressive 31 miles to Penistone in one day.’
    • ‘Rivington Pike near Horwich is still blanketed with snow and has become a magnet for walkers, with cyclists and tobogganists also flocking to join in the fun.’
    hiker, rambler, wayfarer, traveller, roamer, rover, footslogger
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  • 2A device for helping a baby learn to walk, consisting of a harness set into a frame on wheels.

    short for baby walker

    ‘I'm not a big fan of walkers because apparently they make the baby lazy, and they stop trying to walk or crawl.’
    • ‘Babies who use walkers do not start walking any faster than others.’
    • ‘Those who didn't use walkers walked alone at 58 weeks compared to the others at 61 weeks.’
    1. 2.1North American A frame used by disabled or infirm people for support while walking, typically made of metal tubing with small wheels or rubber-tipped feet; a walking frame.
      ‘Your physical therapist will recommend strengthening and mobility exercises and will help you learn how to use a walking aid, such as a walker or crutches.’
      • ‘The day of the meeting is not one of Nozuko's good days; she is so weakened by fever that walking down the hall to the meeting room with her walker exhausts her.’
      • ‘Striking scenery was also shot in Iceland, where Bond uses his crutches, walker, wheelchair, and walking stick to run away from Russian soldiers.’
      • ‘I don't have to use a walker to walk, but I use it for safety, because if I fell again, that might be the end of me.’
      • ‘If your doctor suggests that you use a cane or a walker to help you walk, please use one.’
      • ‘One elderly woman glared at me as she walked past, her walker screeching on the linoleum of the shop.’
      • ‘If resting is not possible, use of crutches, walkers or wheel chairs can be advised.’
      • ‘But he's already donated his walker to a medical facility near his Indiana home.’
      • ‘Mobility may be extended by using the wheelchair for longer excursions and using other assistive devices such as a walker for shorter distances, or in the home.’
      • ‘As she maneuvered her walker to the elevator, I provided a visual description of her tiny room, including the eyelet sheets that had been hung on her window.’
      • ‘Hazel, a former local newspaper writer, could not even hold a pen or use her walker before she started working out.’