Meaning of walkies in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɔːkɪz/

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  • A period of exercising a dog.

    • ‘while the client is being coiffed, one of the salon staff takes the pooch for walkies’
    • ‘They regularly take their dogs for early morning walkies at Thorndon North which is one of three Essex County Council managed parks in Brentwood.’
    • ‘‘You are entitled to 1 ¼ hours daily for lunch and walkies,’ it states.’
    • ‘He refuses to get the hang of going for his walkies.’
    • ‘Pet owners blessed with common sense may point out that one of the primary reasons for owning a dog is that all concerned can enjoy walkies.’
    • ‘He's been having plenty of long walkies, dinner leftovers and lots of TLC.’
    • ‘A thorough brushing will dislodge ticks picked up during walkies, they add.’
    • ‘To avoid me going ‘stir crazy’, my brother borrowed a wheelchair and took me walkies.’
    • ‘Buy a dog, but make sure it's not just for Christmas - remember, it's a lifetime of walkies, and whole world of new friendships.’
    • ‘Taking the corgis for walkies around Arthur's Seat, she spies giant cranes just across the street from Holyroodhouse.’
    • ‘Your regular Friday afternoon guide to what is going on in local parks and along your usual walkies routes.’
    • ‘My baby has been shivering while I've been taking him for his walkies due to this current cold snap.’
    • ‘Houseboats and expensive terraced villas line the waterway, while well-heeled ladies take yappy canine triplets for walkies along the towpath.’
    • ‘She lives in a plush Park Avenue apartment, has a maid and an ageing pooch that she takes for walkies every afternoon.’
    • ‘Time for walkies: Ann Jones takes a selection of gun dogs including springer spaniels, german pointers and Labradors for a stroll during the fair.’
    • ‘Blood pressure is lowered by stroking dogs, and pets who drag their reluctant owners out for brisk 45-minute walkies are operating in accord with the WHO guidelines on physical exercise.’
    • ‘Let's help make our beaches safe to go on and take dogs walkies this summer.’
    • ‘The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star claims she doesn't care what she looks like when she takes her four dogs for walkies in Santa Monica.’
    • ‘But what have couch potatoes, a more active lifestyle, and walkies around the Seven Acres got to do with regenerating East Bolton?’
    • ‘It is pleasing to see good citizens cleaning up after their dogs when they take them for walkies.’
    • ‘Most dogs seem to think that going for walkies, playing fetch, and guarding the house are Very Important Jobs.’


    go walkies
    • Go missing, especially as a result of theft.

      • ‘the insurers have drawn up a list of cars most likely to go walkies’
      • ‘These can theoretically be used to ensure AGP and PCI cards don't go walkies if the server is moved - later I'll explain why they're virtually useless.’
      • ‘The hotel heiress is distraught after it went walkies just two days ago.’
      • ‘A couple of bottles of Dom Perignon have gone walkies from the cellar.’
      • ‘Except… commenting is down until at least tomorrow as the server has gone walkies.’
      • ‘It would seem that the office copy of ASOD has gone walkies once again.’
      • ‘Wheelie bins are going walkies in west Wiltshire as thieves realise their black market value.’
      • ‘This post better stay where I put it this time, half of it went walkies for some reason and I had to retype it all.’