Meaning of walking bass in English:

walking bass


  • A bass part in 4/4 time in which a note is played on each beat of the bar and which typically moves up and down the scale in small steps.

    count noun ‘bluesy on a grooving, walking bass’
    • ‘a muted horn over walking bass’
    • ‘The left-hand plays broken chords most of the time or has a walking bass pattern, while the right-hand carries the melody.’
    • ‘Personal re-invention is at least as much a part of the blues landscape as mournful harmonicas, stinging guitars or walking bass lines.’
    • ‘For the anxious jazzers, Parker's walking bass and Cleaver's lurching swing on The Key is as close to the music's deepest roots as free jazz gets.’
    • ‘Irresistibly propelled by its walking bass, Mirrors of Fire is a driving, dramatic piece which never loses its superbly focused energy.’
    • ‘His skill at maintaining walking bass lines whilst soloing is very apparent on the more boppish tracks, particularly the interpretation of Coltrane's ‘Lazy Bird’.’