Meaning of walking encyclopedia in English:

walking encyclopedia


(also walking dictionary)
  • A person who has an impressive knowledge of facts or words.

    • ‘he was a walking encyclopedia of facts on organized crime’
    • ‘Henry's a walking encyclopaedia of Manchester City knowledge.’
    • ‘The man is a walking encyclopedia, with vast knowledge of history, the classics, politics, and anything else one can possibly think of.’
    • ‘He is a walking encyclopedia of names, dates and facts relating to the history of the sport and the Hall of Fame.’
    • ‘Don't act like you've never heard a swear word before, the lot of you are walking dictionaries.’
    • ‘Bitton says the activists do have a role to play in the club - as walking encyclopedias, sources of information for the other side.’
    • ‘It's very useful indeed to have friends who are like walking encyclopedias.’
    • ‘There are people who are walking encyclopedias, but they make a mess of their lives.’
    • ‘Then you realize that this guy is the walking encyclopedia of his sport.’
    • ‘He also said the judge is ‘almost a virtual walking encyclopedia of the law, especially Supreme Court law.’’
    • ‘When it comes to nutrition, this man is a walking encyclopedia.’