Meaning of walking fern in English:

walking fern


  • A North American fern with long slender tapering fronds that form new plantlets where the tips touch the ground, typically growing on limestone.

    Asplenium or 'Camptosorus' rhizophyllus, family Aspleniaceae

    ‘I have been trying to grow walking ferns from spores, with little or no success until this last year.’
    • ‘Mosses and walking ferns may grow in the cooler air and in the low light of the cave entrance.’
    • ‘This trail's namesake is a large boulder located near the midpoint that is covered with walking ferns.’
    • ‘The blocks of limestone in the forest's ravine are covered with lush growths of mosses, lichens, liverworts and walking ferns.’
    • ‘This area, from Kemble Mount to Dodd's Hill is filled with fissures and is another SBTC fern paradise - watch for walking ferns and much more.’