Meaning of walking papers in English:

walking papers


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plural noun

informal North American
  • Notice of dismissal from a job.

    • ‘the reporter has been given his walking papers’
    • ‘Rosen and Weissman have been handed their walking papers, and AIPAC is backpedaling furiously on its previous statements denying any wrongdoing by its employees.’
    • ‘The exec actually handed in his own walking papers on Dec. 21.’
    • ‘‘He shouldn't get a medal and he shouldn't get a promotion; he should get his walking papers,’ Udall said in a Friday release.’
    • ‘Postmodernists who insist the press ‘constructs’ the news should take note that this Dewey Defeats Truman debacle earned Henning his walking papers.’
    • ‘They just decided to not try to sell records and then wondered why our records weren't selling and gave us our walking papers.’
    • ‘I understand giving Gerald Levin his walking papers, but getting rid of Case is pure pique.’
    • ‘It was not their task to give him his walking papers.’
    • ‘In other words, Sinatra had served his purpose and it was time to give him his walking papers.’
    • ‘Management plans to hand out walking papers to an unknown number of workers on Jan 14.’
    • ‘So she rewarded your years of loyalty to OmniCorp by using up your knowledge and handing you your walking papers.’
    • ‘To add insult to injury, he's been given his walking papers by his latest girlfriend.’
    • ‘But if she has no regrets about always offending you, hand her some walking papers.’
    • ‘That's why the two profs, Chris Burden and Nancy Rubins, decided to call it quits and turned in their walking papers.’
    • ‘It never happened, and Silas gave him his walking papers after weeks of grumbling and complaining about his role.’
    • ‘With GM Kevin Malone finally getting his walking papers from the Dodgers, the only question remaining is what took them so long?’
    • ‘There's nothing on their website, but this might be because their news-updater was one of the 15 plus staff members who received their own walking papers yesterday.’
    • ‘Long time drummer Ken Coomer was given his walking papers when singer/guitarist Jeff Tweedy felt that the percussionist wasn't the right person for the rapidly changing group.’
    • ‘So with the future of the franchise hanging in the balance, the Lakers turned to Phil Jackson, almost a year after the coach was given his walking papers by team owner Jerry Buss.’
    • ‘A lot of veterans figure to get their walking papers, including cornerback Charles Woodson and receiver Jerry Porter.’
    • ‘Raines and Boyd have been given their walking papers, but the dirtiest clods of all so far have avoided the broom.’