Meaning of walking shoe in English:

walking shoe


  • A sturdy, practical shoe, suitable for regular or extensive walking.

    ‘To get the most from your walk, invest in a comfortable pair of walking shoes and carry a water bottle to keep hydrated.’
    • ‘Sensible walking shoes and suitable clothing are also recommended.’
    • ‘A warm/rainproof jacket and sturdy, comfortable walking shoes are a must.’
    • ‘Later on I gave my new walking shoes a try out on the Medicine Walk.’
    • ‘During breaks, bypass the lunch room, change into walking shoes and log a half-mile in or out of the building.’
    • ‘In times like these, you have to put on some sturdy walking shoes and hit the pavement.’
    • ‘These lightweight walking shoes from New Balance provide durability and excellent traction.’
    • ‘If you'll walk on streets and sidewalks, walking shoes or cross-trainers will be perfect.’
    • ‘I sit behind a desk at work, so when I get a 10-minute break, I slip on a pair of walking shoes.’
    • ‘Most of the towpath is under grass, which is short at this time of year but wet, so walking shoes would do, boots would be better.’
    • ‘A walker needs the beveled heel, thinner midsole and flexible forefoot of a walking shoe rather than the thick sole and rigidity of a running shoe.’
    • ‘The event, which usually attracts about 8,000 people, is open from 10.30 am to 5pm each day - and visitors are advised to wear walking shoes or boots as the ground can get very wet.’
    • ‘To further insure comfort, when trying walking shoes on, walkers should always wear the socks that will be worn during training.’
    • ‘Fund-raising was discussed and members decided to take out their walking shoes for a sponsored walk which is planned for Sunday, March 26.’
    • ‘Called ‘10,000 Steps a Day,’ all it takes is a good pair of walking shoes and a $15 pedometer that clips to your belt.’
    • ‘We recommend walking shoes or boots rather than sandals for this walk as it is over uneven ground in places.’
    • ‘With a good pair of walking shoes/boots and a guide, you can get a great workout while seeing the country from the ground up.’
    • ‘There are 450 acres of forested ground on the estate with plenty of opportunities to walk (bring walking shoes or boots) and clear the mind in wonderful surroundings.’
    • ‘As a treat for your feet, invest in a good pair of walking shoes - something that provides good support, maintains stability, and cushions your feet.’
    • ‘You don't have to wear special walking shoes to do the walk, just a pair of trainers or some stout shoes will do.’