Meaning of walking wounded in English:

walking wounded


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plural noun

usually the walking wounded
  • People who have been injured in a battle or major accident but who are still able to walk.

    ‘they eased the walking wounded down by ropes’
    • ‘both are among the walking wounded and have barely survived previous relationship battles’
    • ‘Bodies were lying on the track, some said, as the walking wounded - some badly burned and bleeding - tried to make their way to safety through the choking smoke and soot.’
    • ‘I treated the walking wounded of the Vietnam War from 1968 to 1970.’
    • ‘Menard, one of the walking wounded, recounted the fierce response they met in on a bridge at the southern Iraqi city of Nassiriya.’
    • ‘The wait for the walking wounded in a Scottish accident and emergency ward doubled to 40 hours between 1998-99 and 2000-01.’
    • ‘In total, 208 victims were rushed into the Royal London, some ferried there by London buses which had stopped to pick up the walking wounded.’
    • ‘He'll tape the wrists and pad the tender spots of the walking wounded: he'll usher players to the hot tubs and cold tubs to soothe stiff and sore muscles, tendons, and ligaments.’
    • ‘The minor injuries unit pilot scheme was launched to help make the town feel safer and to ease the burden on hospital casualty units by dealing with the walking wounded.’
    • ‘Following a medical assessment, any victims brought here would be tagged: black tags marking those who were beyond saving, red for critical and yellow and green for the walking wounded.’
    • ‘Hewlett Packard joined the walking wounded of the tech world when it recently missed earnings estimates and pulled out of its $18 billion bid for the consulting practice of PwC.’
    • ‘That game was called off because of the frozen pitch, giving some of the walking wounded more time to get fit.’
    • ‘Make sure that the walking wounded do not ‘wander’; move them to a safe place away from other traffic.’
    • ‘The life insurers are the walking wounded of this three-year bear market, because their earnings are linked to their stock market investments.’
    • ‘We mostly take the walking wounded but cannot see people with illnesses, chest pains, head injuries where someone has lost consciousness or where they have been drinking.’
    • ‘Janine Edwards, 23, who was among the walking wounded in last February's disaster, said surviving the crash had made her more determined to fulfill her dream.’
    • ‘Among them were some of the walking wounded - one man still had his right eye patched; another was on crutches.’
    • ‘His 20-year-old daughter Sarah, who was among the walking wounded, called him in the immediate aftermath; but to escape, she had had to leave her mother in the crumpled carriage.’
    • ‘The ceremony will honour the men and women who tended the injured and also the walking wounded who refused to leave the scene and helped their fellow-travellers.’
    • ‘Six ambulances were needed to take the walking wounded, including an 18-year-old woman with facial injuries, to hospital in York and Selby.’
    • ‘Buses were seen ferrying the walking wounded to hospital and the London Ambulance Service appealed to people not to dial 999 unless it was critical.’
    • ‘York City's injury problems have taken a turn for the better with some of manager Terry Dolan's walking wounded edging closer to fitness.’