Meaning of wall cress in English:

wall cress


another term for arabis
‘Braam and Davis sprayed the wall cress with a solution of hormone called gibberellin.’
  • ‘Arabidopsis or wall cress serves as a model organism in plant biology.’
  • ‘Arabis caucasica ‘Variegata’ - Variegated Wall Cress This cultivar of wall cress is popular for its colourful foliage: bright green in the center, strongly edged with cream.’
  • ‘Like wall cress, rapeseed belongs to the mustard family of cruciferous plants.’
  • ‘Local high school students will learn the basics of bioinformatics at UB this summer, studying the genomic structure of wall cress.’
  • ‘Scientists at the Autonomous University of Morelos, in Cuernavaca, near Mexico City, have incorporated a critical gene taken from moss fern into the wall cress, in order to accumulate the sugar, trehalose.’
  • ‘An extensive test carried out on a closed military area on Amager near Copenhagen shall elucidate whether or not genetically manipulated copies of the widespread weed plant ‘wall cress’, can revolutionize the combat against land mines.’