Meaning of wally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɒli/

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nounplural noun wallies

informal British
  • A silly or inept person.

    • ‘I must have looked a total wally but I didn't care’
    • ‘I will retrieve my rusting Raleigh Roadster from under the junk in the garden shed, wire brush it down, oil the chain, don the Lycra, strap on the bedpan helmet and look a complete wally like the rest of them.’
    • ‘I may have looked a wally charging along wearing a cycling lid and rucksack, but it didn't slow me enough not to catch the villain within a couple of blocks.’
    • ‘This are arrogant and highly naive comments from an ill-informed wally.’
    • ‘She wants none of him, and dreams that some day her prince will come, only to get a shock when Perseus appears and proves to be a wally.’
    • ‘If you don't get that, you might be about to make yourself look a bit of a wally.’
    • ‘If you're a bloke you do feel a bit of a wally driving the thing, even if you do manage to buy one in black or silver.’
    • ‘It is also fair to say that every club in every sport probably has a wally or two in their midst.’
    • ‘Last seen in his previous series making a wally of himself while getting drunk in a motion-sensor suit, he presents this series where psychology meets biology.’
    • ‘He looked like a right wally and I suggest that baseball caps be banned from all chess tournaments as being inappropriate dress.’
    • ‘That decision that has affected Dell's bottom line, and so caused the Wall Street wallies to conclude that the bottom was dropping out of the PC market.’
    • ‘I know it must be disturbing but I shouldn't worry about these wallies who send you abusive emails calling you un-Australian.’
    • ‘Its not all upper-class wallies who are part of this.’
    • ‘And his star quality is using that to his advantage to exersise his psychology against wallies like Hoddle.’
    • ‘Hadn't the whole Eyghon disaster taught the little wally anything?’
    • ‘This bill says that Labour regards the Attorney-General as a wally.’
    • ‘If ever we wanted a better example of what a bunch of wallies the members opposite are, David Brown gave it to us this afternoon.’
    • ‘When the poor wallies on the Parole Board let such offenders out of prison, what is the consequence?’
    • ‘That way you can all fit in a taxi (unless you bring along some wally who doesn't drink as a driver).’
    • ‘I just heard some wally on the radio saying that we should all go without meat for 24 hours and make the world a better place.’
    • ‘When I was wally gathering about in northern Michigan last month, I happened to come across an extremely quaint and downright adorable novelty shop that was selling various Indian style wares.’
    idiot, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod


1960s perhaps a shortened form of the given name Walter. There are many theories of the origin: one story tells of a Wally who became separated from companions at a 1960s pop festival; the name, announced many times over a loudspeaker, was taken up as a chant by the crowd.