Meaning of waqf in English:


Pronunciation /vʌkf/

nounplural noun waqf

  • An endowment made by a Muslim to a religious, educational, or charitable cause.

    ‘In Arabic, a waqf implies a religious endowment fund, which renders a property unalienable, incapable of being surrendered or transferred.’
    • ‘Women have been systematically denied their inheritance rights, either by family pressures or by legal devices such as the family waqf or trust.’
    • ‘A Masjid is a dedicated building, waqf for Allah.’
    • ‘These relate to the Islamic endowments, waqf, education, and the status of the Islamic courts.’
    • ‘The waqf is still administered by a government ministry.’
    • ‘Once a building or land is declared a masjid, it falls under the category of waqf and may not be moved, sold or treated otherwise.’
    • ‘The demolished houses were occupied by those who were regular tenants of waqf and had paid rent of June and July too.’


From Arabic, literally ‘stoppage, immobilization (of ownership of property)’, from waqafa ‘come to a standstill’.