Meaning of war of attrition in English:

war of attrition

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  • A prolonged period of conflict during which each side seeks to gradually wear down the other by a series of small-scale actions.

    ‘The midfield sector at this stage of the game resembled a war of attrition with neither side gaining a stronghold.’
    • ‘The combat is certainly much better than it was last year, so it's a shame that some of the boss battles turn into wars of attrition with petty single-hit attacks.’
    • ‘Another heavy struggle for the clock, with one team finally imposing its will in a war of attrition, minus the stand-to and the morning hate?’
    • ‘They have no education, no job and are prepared to sacrifice their lives in a war of attrition against the US military machine.’
    • ‘In the wake of the tsunami that claimed over 250,000 lives in Aceh, the military has continued its war of attrition.’
    • ‘Neglected and drab, this once-grand Regency mansion had been the battlefield for a war of attrition between John's mother and father.’
    • ‘They will also seek to engage the New Zealand front five in a war of attrition.’
    • ‘I have put myself through a war of attrition, willing the other side to win.’
    • ‘The eight-year war of attrition which followed cost thousands of lives on both sides.’
    • ‘He planned on this kind of war of attrition from the minute he knew he was militarily finished.’