Meaning of wardrobe mistress in English:

wardrobe mistress



(also wardrobe master)
  • A woman (or man) in charge of the making and organization of the costumes in a theatrical company.

    ‘The wardrobe mistress came from Kubrick's stable, and the make-up is flawless (and won the movie an Oscar nomination).’
    • ‘A Leigh-born wardrobe mistress and costumier to the stars, Jean Hunnisett, has died aged 73.’
    • ‘If I hadn't become a successful actor I'd have been a wardrobe mistress, without a doubt.’
    • ‘The band, armed with nothing but a couple of catchy tunes, a few metres of spandex and an imaginative wardrobe mistress, stormed up the album charts.’
    • ‘Brian Brady directs all the action and also takes charge of musical direction while Michelle Wise takes care of the choreography and local member Alice McCann is the wardrobe mistress.’
    • ‘Richard has provided the Japanese text from which the Rosemere wardrobe mistress, Janet Hardman, has created three stunning banners to dress the set.’
    • ‘During the day Sheena works as a wardrobe mistress, which means she mixes with a lot of young people, so she finds the variety of people in her evening classes both stimulating and fun.’
    • ‘I am an amateur wardrobe mistress who has been given items of fur over the years.’
    • ‘Mr Bland's wife Janet, who is the theatre school's wardrobe mistress, has banned her accident-prone husband from going anywhere near anything sharp and from playing football.’
    • ‘The authentic costumes for the York production were hand-made by wardrobe mistress Margaret Soper.’
    • ‘After a spell as the wardrobe manager's personal assistant, she became wardrobe mistress for the Sadler's Wells World Theatre Ballet Company.’
    • ‘Michael Hinchy is the musical director and the onerous task of wardrobe mistress is in the capable hands of Sandra Finn.’
    • ‘Cynthia was nominated by Jenny Taylor, wardrobe mistress on many of Cynthia's productions.’
    • ‘William Baker is no longer just Kylie's wardrobe mistress; he's now her Creative Director.’
    • ‘Scottish Ballet's wardrobe mistress is transporting nine large mouse heads, actually lifelike rubber masks cunningly fashioned to resemble the stuff of nightmares, behind the scenes at Glasgow's Theatre Royal.’
    • ‘Costumes were put on just before we were due to go on, according to Mr. B and his formidable Russian wardrobe mistress.’
    • ‘The teams then work with a professional lighting technician, set carpenter, and wardrobe mistress.’
    • ‘The back of the hall is given over entirely to Bernie Dunne, wardrobe mistress and her helpers.’
    • ‘The Sunday Times's own wardrobe mistress, Claudia Croft, will be on hand to offer advice.’
    • ‘Since the show takes place in a variety of locales, kudos go to the set designers, prop men, and wardrobe mistresses who had to create two entirely different shows each week.’