Meaning of warm front in English:

warm front


  • The boundary of an advancing mass of warm air, in particular the leading edge of the warm sector of a low-pressure system.

    ‘Since neither the warm air nor the cold air are advancing, the stationary front weather map symbols combine both the cold front and the warm front symbols.’
    • ‘My wife, Darcy, and I reached the Sods as the storm moved east, and if our timing was right, ahead of a southerly warm front that would break winter's spell.’
    • ‘Southward movements are less dense west of high pressure and after passage of a warm front.’
    • ‘Once the cold and warm fronts had been plotted, and their rate of movement calculated, the forecaster could predict how and when weather might change in places that lay in their path.’
    • ‘Two six month contracts are being offered to those who feel they have what it takes to explain highs, lows, mid-Atlantic depressions and incoming warm fronts.’