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warm up

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phrasal verb

(US warm over)
  • 1Prepare for physical exertion or a performance by exercising or practising gently beforehand.

    ‘the band were warming up’
    • ‘Next, students practice warming up exercises in unison.’
    • ‘It is important that you warm up gently before you start any exercises and do not strain at all.’
    • ‘Be sure to warm up and stretch before exercising.’
    • ‘During practice or to warm up before a game, turn this team sport into a one-on-one competition.’
    • ‘The classes start with a short aerobic exercise to warm up the body before a 20 minute session on the poles.’
    • ‘There's tones in the song, if you engage in it as a singer, and reach that place as a singer in the falsetto, and it's just a beautiful exercise to warm up your larynx.’
    • ‘The jogging was intended to provide an easy warm up activity that also prepared the muscles for stretching.’
    • ‘The following exercises are for stretching and warming up the muscles before shooting and for stretching and cooling down the muscles after shooting.’
    • ‘The Horsforth Old Brass Band entertained the crowd who were warmed up before the turning on ceremony by radio presenters Jon Hammond and Steve Warren.’
    • ‘The day was run by two teachers, Rodney and Brian, and we began in the morning with physical and vocal warm up.’
    limber up, loosen up, stretch, work out, exercise, get into condition, get into shape, practise, prepare, get ready
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    1. 1.1(of an engine or electrical appliance) reach a temperature high enough to allow it to operate efficiently.
      ‘the television took a while to warm up’
      • ‘By this time the truck's engine has warmed up enough to allow a shift up into second gear, then third and finally fourth - or top gear.’
      • ‘This allows the engine to warm up faster, cutting exhaust emissions, and reduces fuel consumption by about 3 percent because it is not geared to the engine.’
      • ‘Check that the tyre pressures are correct, the brakes are in good working order and that the engine warms up as quickly as possible.’
      • ‘Ken set the mixtures to auto lean and warmed up the engines at 1000 rpm.’
      • ‘Instead of waiting for the car to warm up, it is better to drive the vehicle in low gear till the engine warms up.’
      • ‘The car may not start well and works rather sluggishly until the engine warms up.’
      • ‘A swirl control valve that increases the air/fuel mixture when the engine is warming up improves combustion.’
      • ‘In a minute I'm in my car with the doors locked and the engine warming up.’
      • ‘Although now I can hear the noise of the snowploughs working away and some aircraft warming up their engines.’
      • ‘A spokesman for AA Roadwatch advised motorists to take extra care in the arctic conditions and to allow more time to warm up their vehicles in the morning.’
    2. 1.2Become livelier or more animated.
      • ‘after several more rounds, things began to warm up in the bar’
  • 2warm something up, warm up somethingReheat previously cooked food.

    ‘can you warm the soup up for me?’
    • ‘Add the remaining chickpeas, and warm the soup over medium heat.’
    • ‘Make the sponge by warming the milk over low heat in a small saucepan until it's tepid.’
    • ‘In a small saucepan, warm the oil over low heat.’
    • ‘For the Arctic char confit: In a saucepan, warm the oil over low heat.’
    • ‘Then warm the jam over low heat in a small nonstick saucepan or skillet, stirring occasionally, until smooth.’
    • ‘In a small pan, warm the black beans over low heat.’
    • ‘In a large skillet or sauté pan, warm the olive oil over high heat, almost to the smoking point.’
    • ‘To make it yourself, crush a garlic clove in a few tablespoons of olive oil and gently warm it over the stove for 30 minutes.’
    reheated, heated up
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  • 3warm someone or something up, warm up someone or somethingEntertain an audience so as to make them more receptive to the main act.

    • ‘on stage, Miles was warming up the crowd’
    enliven, liven, liven up, stimulate, animate, rouse, put some life into, stir, stir up, move, excite, cheer up
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