Meaning of warmer in English:



  • A device for warming something; a thing that warms.

    ‘the rooms had towel warmers in the bathroom’
    ‘winter warmers like steamed syrup sponge’
    • ‘Customers seem fed up with lugging around massive lap warmers.’
    • ‘She likes the disarray of rehearsal clothes - wrapped sweaters, sagging leg warmers, torn practice tutus.’
    • ‘The hand warmer had already melted a circle in the snow.’
    • ‘They're cheaper than wool warmers too: just $6 a pair.’
    • ‘Plenty of winter warmers there, but some lighter fare might shift more desserts.’
    • ‘He has since hired an industrial designer to help him produce a line of scarves, neck warmers, and face masks that resemble the headgear skiers don on the slopes.’
    • ‘I have seen USB coffee warmers’
    • ‘We want our friends and fans not just to buy us a stick-shift warmer for the Ferrari, but to research it first, to compare the different warmers, to understand the trade-offs and make the same (obvious) choice that we would.’
    • ‘Alternating between smoothly intoned mid-tempo rockers- dressed up with synth organs and tastefully overdriven guitar jangle- and smoothly intoned slow dance heart warmers that get a lot closer to Diane Warren territory than befits the man who wrote "Silver".’
    • ‘Of course if toilet seats were made out of porcelain still, think how cold the seat would be in the winter - we'd need an electric tushy warmer.’