Meaning of warmist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɔːmɪst/


(also global warmist)
  • A person who accepts the proposition that climate change caused by human activity is occurring (used by those who do not accept this proposition)

    • ‘the warmists insist the planet is warming, and they want us to attempt to cool it down’
    • ‘The organisation has just one scientist and he's been a warmist for years.’
    • ‘Greg, if you are a warmist, why don't you blacklist me?’
    • ‘It's a classic example of why a catastrophic warmist can never be wrong, they just move the goal posts after the fact.’
    • ‘And for the literate in the audience, I clearly state my position as a warmist, which is in line with the best current consensus of "world's experts" you refer to.’
    • ‘I am not a warmist though, just an observer.’
    • ‘The warmists are getting more and more desperate.’
    • ‘Surprise surprise a global warmist was quoted as saying that a volcano at that depth under the ice sheet would have no effect!’
    • ‘One of the world's most eminent climate scientists - for several decades a warmist - has defected to the climate sceptic camp.’
    • ‘You'd think even a dyed-in-the-wool warmist would stop for a second and think about the physics involved.’
    • ‘The global warmists, of course, are blaming it on man-made global warming.’


(also global warmist)
  • Adhering to the proposition that climate change caused by human activity is occurring.

    • ‘they convinced the broadcaster to to abandon impartiality and take a firmly warmist position’
    • ‘Ice does not melt at extreme sub-zero temperatures (except in warmist minds).’
    • ‘They can't accept the fact that the military is in the warmist camp.’
    • ‘Maybe you can point to one warmist prediction that has eventuated?’
    • ‘The assumption that the benefits of Global Warmist policy are infinite and the costs immaterial is simply rubbish.’
    • ‘I'm definitely not a preachy global warmist type, but to say that global warming isn't happening because there's snow outside is stupidity.’
    • ‘He requested a public debate with any warmist scientist to discuss this issue.’
    • ‘Like every other publicly funded environmental science organisation, it is firmly warmist in its outlook.’
    • ‘Warmist claims of a severe increase in hurricane activity go back to 2005.’
    • ‘Without going into detail it's better to be a denier in all things warmist.’
    • ‘Another warmist prediction gone wrong?’


1980s from global warming + -ist.