Meaning of wasabi in English:


Pronunciation /wəˈsɑːbi/


mass noun
  • A Japanese plant with a thick green root which tastes like strong horseradish and is used in cooking, especially in powder or paste form as an accompaniment to raw fish.

    Eutrema wasabi, family Cruciferae

    ‘Sashimi consists of cuts of the finest raw fish and seafood garnished with crisp shreds of daikon and dipped into soy sauce and the hot, green Japanese horseradish called wasabi.’
    • ‘It comes with slices of sweet pickled ginger and a dish of salty soy sauce and fiery-hot wasabi (a green paste, similar to horseradish).’
    • ‘Isothiocyanates are also found in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts, and wasabi, the Japanese condiment.’
    • ‘You'll also find the peas that, laced with wasabi, pack a significant wallop.’
    • ‘The pungency of wasabi, horseradish, Brussels sprouts, and mustards comes from compounds called isothiocyanates.’
    • ‘Be careful if you are not accustomed to Japanese horseradish paste, known as wasabi, with its warm and unique sensation that permeates up to the inner part of your nose.’
    • ‘Adjust the amount of wasabi powder to taste - with 1/2 teaspoon the noodles are fairly spicy.’
    • ‘It starts with dried whole peas and of course uses wasabi powder or paste, the amount of which can be adjusted to your taste.’
    • ‘Main course was fillet of beef with a wild mushroom mousse, wasabi and potato rosti, wilted pak-choi and tempura vegetables and hoi-sin jus.’
    • ‘The cooked fish are dipped into tangy sauces, including wasabi, the Japanese mustard, satay sauce and chilli soya sauce.’
    • ‘These are served with wasabi, a super-hot green horseradish, and dipped in soy sauce.’
    • ‘In a bowl, add the beef, soy sauce, wasabi, scallion, soybean oil and season with salt and pepper.’
    • ‘Beside clearing your sinuses, wasabi - horseradish - has a few benefits including lowering your cancer risk.’
    • ‘For sashimi, put a dab of wasabi directly on the fish.’
    • ‘We ate the fish with soy and wasabi and admired the beautiful scenery of Obama bay, the lush forested mountains shrouded in dawn mist giving a mysterious calm to the place.’
    • ‘When eating Japanese cuisine, her favorite, she opts for a little extra wasabi and green tea to keep her teeth healthy.’
    • ‘Use the Japanese condiment wasabi or sprinkle cayenne pepper on your food.’
    • ‘Dinner began with fresh sashimi with soy and wasabi.’
    • ‘Drain the vinegar from the clam and add the sweet pea juice, wasabi, water chestnuts, chili, parsley and sea salt and toss to combine.’
    • ‘The name is deceptive because this dish isn't tofu at all but consists of cream cheese cubes topped with green onions and bonito flakes and is eaten with a smidgen of wasabi.’


Early 20th century from Japanese.