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Pronunciation /ˈweɪstə/

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  • 1A wasteful person or thing.

    ‘you are a great waster of time’
    • ‘While motorists are prime examples of fuel wasters, they also consume 50.2 percent of the country's total fuel consumption, making them the largest consumer segment compared to households and industries.’
    • ‘This year Las Vegas entered what it calls drought alert, meaning tight restrictions on water use for residents and businesses and heavy fines for water wasters.’
    • ‘The biggest wasters of household power, desktop and laptop computers, add $30 to an annual power bill when left on standby.’
    • ‘But the majority of the food wasters need not pay by themselves, so they don't care how much food they waste when they order excessive food.’
    • ‘According to Hannah, identifying the energy wasters in your home can have a direct effect on our environment as well as saving you money.’
    • ‘The current over the top road building programme demonstrates the this is a waster of tax payers' money.’
    • ‘Government is not just the waster of money, but the arbiter of social justice.’
    • ‘That issue, of course, is ‘yard signs’ - that biggest waster of volunteer time, that blight on the environment, that piece of poster board stapled on a stick.’
    • ‘I think hanging round Savile Row waiting for potential clients to visit London is a big energy waster.’
    • ‘Have you ever noticed that one of your colleagues is particularly irritable, difficult to work with or perhaps even a hyperactive time-waster?’
    • ‘So we stayed and walked a few metres in front of him asking folk to give National the party vote and explaining the prime money waster was behind us.’
    • ‘‘Arianna you look very happy about a cruise that seconds ago you proclaimed to be stupid, absurd and a complete waster of your precious time,’ Matt says teasing me.’
    • ‘Then he moved back in with his mother, sealing his fate and cementing his status as parasite and waster of indulgence and advantage.’
    • ‘The high-intensity discharge lights used in industrial, retail, and institutional settings are serious energy wasters.’
    • ‘Although some industry observers initially derided this type of service as a bandwidth waster, manufacturers have continued to tweak their offerings, which may put to rest many of those concerns.’
    1. 1.1 informal A person who does little or nothing of value.
      • ‘it's nice to know you're not a complete waster’
      • ‘Academics were wasters and parasites back then too.’
      • ‘‘I wasn't looked upon as being a layabout or a waster,’ he said.’
      • ‘For all their fresh financial backing this season, their team of wasters has completely squandered the best opportunity they'll ever have of getting into a Champions League final.’
      • ‘Following the fortunes of a gang losers, wasters and thieves on a near-derelict council estate might not seem like a barrel of laughs.’
      • ‘Are you saying that each and every one of these 4 million is a desperate loser, a waster, a drop-out?’
      • ‘It's too easy to write him off as a waster, a drunk, a loser.’
      • ‘The first thing to note is that if you're a dishonest lazy waster they're not interested in your vote.’
      • ‘Liz and I had to work and save and calculate just like other people; elseways we should be as poor as any good-for-nothing, drunken waster of a woman that thinks her luck will last for ever.’
      • ‘Okay, so they had a bit of a snog at the end of the last series, but that was just to keep the smelly waster on his toes.’
      • ‘They wouldn't let a waster like me be in charge of a royal visit, so I get sent home at 2.30.’
      • ‘Another former work colleague of mine was a lazy waster who always found the easiest way to meet any commitment.’
      • ‘I have done nothing all day and am feeling like a bit of a waster really.’
      • ‘Anyway, enough about that, it just makes me feel like a waster.’
      • ‘Apart from all of that he spends a good deal of time talking to wasters like me.’
      • ‘I'm not fond of sweeping generalisations but on the whole I see people who beg as wasters taking the easy way out.’
      • ‘The students and the wasters are partying the night away.’
      • ‘Going back many years to his youth, he recounts his days as a near-bum, listening to jazz, watching beautiful women, living with crooks and wasters.’
      • ‘Let's invest time in young people, not just brand them as criminals and wasters.’
      • ‘There was the thought of why he was here, the image of Mia in trouble, and the pressing realisation that these wasters probably had nothing what-so-ever to do with it.’
      • ‘‘Charlie, the only bands that play there are full of stoners and wasters,’ Joseph said sceptically.’
      idler, loafer, good-for-nothing, drone, ne'er-do-well, do-nothing, slob, lounger, shirker, sluggard, slug, laggard, slugabed
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  • 2A discarded piece of defective pottery.

    ‘In 1987, excavations in the Calle Pureza in Triana, the pottery district of Seville, brought to light a collapsed kiln full of pottery wasters.’
    • ‘Paul Woodfield says a pre-construction geophysics survey revealed nothing, so no prior excavation was required; the sherds, with large quantities of kiln wasters, were unstratified.’
    • ‘The Hoi An treasure almost certainly originated specifically at a pottery in or near the hamlet of Chu Dau, where wasters of rice bowls identical to those from the wreck have been unearthed.’
    • ‘We may now return to the Calle Pureza, and the waster that is a variant of Type II, that is to say with the diamond and feathers, but with a plant motif in the center.’
    • ‘The technique for making arista tiles is clearly shown by a waster from the Calle Pureza.’