Meaning of wat in English:


Pronunciation /wat/


  • (in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos) a Buddhist monastery or temple.

    ‘I suggested we sample a shadow-puppet show and stroll around the eccentrically decorated wats.’
    • ‘Other sights to marvel at include several impressive wats and the spectacular Silver Pagoda, which dramatically illustrates the richness of Khmer culture.’
    • ‘The style of the main stupa at the wat is derived from Singhalese art around the same time as Singhalese Theravada Buddhism.’
    • ‘These clinics will be held in the 38 local wats regularly on a rotating basis in conjunction with the Pattaya and Chonburi city councils and the local abbots.’
    • ‘That's a good time to seek a shady respite at one of the city's more than 40 temples, known as wats.’
    • ‘The Cambodian, Laotian and Burmese temples (when they were finally established) followed the practice of the Thai wats.’
    • ‘The wat is extremely ornate and embellished with murals, statues, and glittering gold.’
    • ‘Ever sat alone inside a church or a wat and absorbed the peace and serenity?’
    • ‘We find a place to stay and set off for Wat Pho - the oldest and largest wat in Bangkok, which houses the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand.’
    • ‘To this end he has spent time in the saffron robes in the wat.’
    • ‘After completing the circuit, we entered the wat itself.’
    • ‘When we entered the Wat around lunch time, we were struck by the droning chant of a large group of monks prior to their midday meal.’


Thai, from Sanskrit vāṭa ‘enclosure’.