Meaning of water level in English:

water level

Pronunciation /ˈwɔːtə ˌlɛvl/

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  • The height reached by the water in a reservoir, river, storage tank, or similar.

    ‘The pump is powerful enough to create a vortex in the reservoir and if the water level is too low, this vortex will reach down into the pump inlet and bubbles will be pumped through the system.’
    • ‘At the Shihmen Dam in Taoyuan County, the water level yesterday reached 220m, or 31.9 percent of the reservoir's capacity.’
    • ‘With the light showers, the water level improved in the tank.’
    • ‘The question is: what happens to the water level in the fish tank?’
    • ‘As the water level reached the top, I shut off the tap, bringing the glass up to my lips and sipping it silently.’
    • ‘The switch activates the bilge pump when the rising water level reaches a depth of 2 inches.’
    • ‘In fact, throughout November and early December, the water level in the tank was three-four feet.’
    • ‘Measures were taken immediately to bring down the water level in the reservoir, near which 17 houses were flooded, the Civil Defence office said.’
    • ‘The administration has, however, established a control room near the river to monitor its water level round the clock.’
    • ‘When the water level reaches too close for comfort the villagers would dismantle their homes and move further up the hill.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, low rainfall caused the River Gambia's water level to become low.’
    • ‘During an average year, the water level in the reserve can rise thirty to forty feet.’
    • ‘The clear knob at the front allows you to keep an eye on water level in the external reservoir/pump/radiator box.’
    • ‘Down river in the community, the water level rises only minimally.’
    • ‘If the water level is too low, the ship would hit the river bottom.’
    • ‘The water level was extremely high, and the river was almost overflowing over the dam.’
    • ‘It's said that as one herd crossed a river it would raise the water level several feet.’
    • ‘Even a midsize or small river can overflow into streets if a storm causes the water level to rise quickly.’
    • ‘This will remove 770 million gallons of water from Mugdock, leaving 110 million gallons and a water level of 282 ft in the reservoir.’
    • ‘The water level in the 1,819 foot high Linganamakki reservoir rose to 1794.30 feet, up by three feet in one day.’