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mass noun
  • The practice of causing a person to suffer a physical and psychological sensation similar to that of drowning by strapping them head-down on a sloping board with the mouth and nose covered while water is poured over their face, typically in order to coerce them to cooperate in an interrogation. The practice is classed as torture by some groups.

    • ‘Under the argument above, either incarceration is torture or waterboarding is not.’
    • ‘I've always been on the fence about whether waterboarding constituted torture.’
    • ‘Amnesty International once again show their true political colours in a campaign ad against the practice of waterboarding.’
    • ‘They depicted the use of "enhanced" interrogation techniques against two of three men known to have faced waterboarding by the CIA.’
    • ‘As far as I can tell you are attempting to redefine torture to exclude waterboarding and sleep deprivation.’
    • ‘The review questioned the effectiveness of harsh interrogation methods employed by CIA interrogators, such as waterboarding.’
    • ‘In my mind, since the Spanish Inquisition, water-boarding has been torture.’
    • ‘She couldn't seem to explain when or where she had or possibly had not been told about water-boarding back in 2002 or perhaps 2003.’
    • ‘It now is American government policy that waterboarding is torture.’
    • ‘The manual explicitly prohibits threats, coercion, physical abuse, and waterboarding, which creates the sensation of drowning.’
    • ‘It says they were exposed to beating, sleep deprivation and waterboarding.’
    • ‘But that was not the result of harsh techniques, including waterboarding, which were not introduced until August.’
    • ‘They said the intent is not to use that as an opening for possible use of waterboarding, an interrogation technique that simulates drowning.’
    • ‘Although we likely won't know the whole story for some time, the use of torture like waterboarding has yielded important results too.’
    • ‘While in CIA custody, Mohammed was subjected to coercive interrogation techniques, culminating in waterboarding.’
    • ‘As a visual culture driven by images on TV and in the movies, waterboarding is a conveniently cinematic form of torture.’