Meaning of waterfowl in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɔːtəfaʊl/

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plural noun

  • Ducks, geese, or other large aquatic birds, especially when regarded as game.

    ‘We saw lots of waterfowl, mostly Canada geese and mallards with the odd Gadwall.’
    • ‘Another new duck for us was the exquisite Harlequin Duck, a waterfowl rarely spotted close to shore.’
    • ‘Large birds including ptarmigan and waterfowl are the most common prey item of the Gyrfalcon.’
    • ‘A modest duck pond becomes exciting when one realizes that not all waterfowl are Mallards and Canada Geese.’
    • ‘Among waterfowl, the Canada Goose is the least loved, especially by golfers.’
    • ‘The most abundant and widespread of all waterfowl, the mallard is also the most hunted game bird.’
    • ‘The black-headed duck most often parasitizes other waterfowl and marsh-nesting birds.’
    • ‘Big, bold, and fiercely territorial, these birds dominate all other waterfowl in their domains.’
    • ‘The actual impact of Mute Swans on native waterfowl and their habitats in North America is poorly known.’
    • ‘The green central island is inhabited by ducks, cormorants, Canada geese and other territorial waterfowl.’
    • ‘Clinically normal waterfowl and sea birds may introduce the virus into flocks.’
    • ‘The total population of seabirds, waterfowl, and shorebirds may exceed a million birds.’
    • ‘Birders generally watch shorebirds in summer, raptors in autumn, and waterfowl in winter.’
    • ‘And practiced duck hunters occasionally kill waterfowl over 80 yards away with a 12 gauge shotgun.’
    • ‘The central feature of the refuge, however, is the diversity and abundance of waterfowl and prairie birds.’
    • ‘Their dams help to maintain water levels in forest streams, thus providing habitat for themselves, fish, and waterfowl.’
    • ‘Now that late fall has settled in, waterfowl are the main attraction.’
    • ‘We were baffled by a waterfowl just like this one back in September.’
    • ‘Habitat seemed the next best criterion to search by, since many waterfowl shy away from inland bodies of water.’
    • ‘These are only a few of many places to try your hand with waterfowl.’