Meaning of waterless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɔːtələs/


See water

‘The wanderer is like a dehydrated traveller in a waterless desert, or a lover longing to see the distant beloved.’
  • ‘Late afternoon found the two making their way slowly across the sun-baked earth, moving across shadeless, parching desert, two specks in a vast waste of waterless ground.’
  • ‘Of course the Mongols, their flocks, and their neighbors didn't actually live in the waterless Gobi Desert, but further north in grassy steppes, rising toward forested hill country.’
  • ‘The existence of the lake, to the north of the waterless Kalahari Desert, was already known to Europeans but Livingstone was the first European to see it.’
  • ‘There is an alternative, the waterless composting toilet.’