Meaning of waterline in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɔːtəlʌɪn/

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  • 1The level normally reached by the water on the side of a ship.

    • ‘Once in their midst, passengers standing one deck above the waterline looked directly down as the dolphins played in the bow wave, while a few yards away others rolled on their sides and even breached.’
    1. 1.1The level reached by the sea or a river visible as a line on a rock face, beach, or riverbank.
      ‘he was coming back along the waterline with the dog trotting at his heels’
      • ‘After checking another cage Greg pointed with his paddle to a dry waterline eight feet up one of the stumps.’
      • ‘We start in the library, the waterline there only a couple of feet high in a city where some houses were up their eaves in water.’
      • ‘The river, still carrying debris from recent rains, has dropped eight feet; I can see the old waterline on the trees.’
    2. 1.2Any of various structural lines of a ship, parallel with the surface of the water, representing the contour of the hull at various heights above the keel.
  • 2A linear watermark in paper.

  • 3The rim of the upper or lower eyelid between the lashes and the eye itself (especially with reference to the application of eye make-up)

    ‘line the waterline with the black eyeliner’
    • ‘To make your eyes look bigger, use a peach pencil on your waterline.’
    • ‘Trace a V-shape at the inner corner of your eye, continuing the line beneath your waterline along your lower lashline.’
    • ‘Run a flesh-tone eyeliner along your lower waterline.’
    • ‘Using a black pencil, draw a line on the bottom waterline.’
    • ‘Kate lined her waterline in emerald, making her brown eyes pop.’
    • ‘I line my waterline with a black pencil, and then use gold as a highlight along my lower lash line.’
    • ‘Smudge a dark eye pencil inside the waterline.’
    • ‘Tracing along the lower waterline and around the inner corners of my eyes, I applied the pencil as close to my eyeball as possible.’
    • ‘To add some depth to my eyes, I applied the eyeliner on my upper and lower waterlines.’
    • ‘For a more dramatic look, Margaret emphasises the eyes with a dark brown eyeliner across the waterline and above the top lash line.’