Meaning of waterlog in English:


verbwaterlogs, waterlogging, waterlogged

[with object]
  • Saturate with water; make (something) waterlogged.

    ‘the open roof allowed rain to waterlog the field’
    • ‘One evening of full-fledged rain in April was enough to waterlog the streets.’
    • ‘He famously told of attempts to waterlog the infield, and even moving the fences in between half-innings.’
    • ‘They flooded it to waterlog the pitch and cancel the game.’
    • ‘Fields have been continuously waterlogged.’
    • ‘Several homes have been waterlogged, though so far the damage has been minimal.’
    • ‘We've been waterlogged here for about the past week.’
    • ‘Two to three years ago, the entire stretch of land of this village was waterlogged.’
    • ‘Operations were suspended as parts of the runway have been waterlogged.’
    • ‘Buildings and artefacts from different periods had been waterlogged and covered in silt, which acted as a perfect preservative.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire clubs use the opportunity of a non-league weekend to catch up on the league programme interrupted by pitches being waterlogged or frozen.’


Mid 18th century (originally in the sense ‘make (a ship) unmanageable by flooding’): from water + the verb log.