Meaning of wax lyrical in English:

wax lyrical

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  • Talk in a highly enthusiastic and effusive way.

    ‘he waxed lyrical about his splendid son-in-law’
    • ‘It is approaching midnight in a cafe on the outskirts of Moscow and a group of enthusiasts are waxing lyrical on the subject of their favourite car, the Lada.’
    • ‘In these pages last week, our art critic Iain Gale waxed lyrical - and certainly much more lyrically than I can ever wax - about the richness of the Demarco collection.’
    • ‘I mean, is it strictly necessary to emerge from the shower, grab a towel and commence a sawing action under your crotch while simultaneously waxing lyrical about Fairtrade bananas?’
    • ‘Dick Hyman is not one for waxing lyrical, but get him on the subject of his boyhood hero Bix Beiderbecke and the quiet American giant of jazz piano suddenly has plenty to say.’
    • ‘In all my rock literature perusing over the years, I really can't recall anyone waxing lyrical about ‘Face To Face’ as a stand-along thing, though they should have.’
    • ‘I really didn't think that the 5/8 position was as crucial as described by Ken while he was waxing lyrical about the potential for rugby league strategies to influence rugby union.’
    • ‘I'm equally grateful to Quarsan for waxing lyrical about one of my favourite periods in music - the post-punk era - and for maintaining some directly music-related content on this site.’
    • ‘Despite waxing lyrical in one repugnantly positive column about the African-American version of the KKK, the Black Panthers, this man feels free to see and condemn racism anywhere and everywhere.’
    • ‘The veteran financial guru invented mutual funds - the US equivalent of index trusts - and was in Edinburgh last week waxing lyrical about Scotland, the home of his forefathers.’
    • ‘They launched an underwhelming campaign which consisted of a few posters and Packie Bonner unconvincingly waxing lyrical about the benefits of the tournament for Irish soccer.’
    rave, be enthusiastic, gush, wax lyrical, bubble over, effervesce, be effusive, rhapsodize, go into raptures
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