Meaning of waypoint in English:


Pronunciation /ˈweɪpɔɪnt/


  • 1A stopping place on a journey.

    ‘it was a waypoint on the merchant route between Scandinavia and Byzantium’
    • ‘Yesterday we demolished a substantial building which they were using as a waypoint to get in.’
    • ‘It would be unfair, however, to paint the islands as just a grungy waypoint in the North Atlantic.’
    • ‘Budapest and Bucharest function as waypoints for women en route to Belgrade.’
    • ‘We assume the islands will be a waypoint rather than a destination.’
    • ‘What was found, he said, indicated the building was used as a waypoint for foreign fighters crossing into Iraq from Syria to fight against the coalition.’
    1. 1.1The computer-checked coordinates of each stage of a flight or sea journey.
      ‘waypoints can be punched in directly to the keypad’
      • ‘You may want to include user waypoints in your flight plan.’
      • ‘For navigation purposes, you can use your log to record waypoints and route numbers or times at certain markers for a future good reference.’
      • ‘It allows easy set-up functions as well as down- and uploads of waypoints, routes and flight tracks.’
      • ‘Finally, since each place name is technically a waypoint, the coordinates corresponding to the names can easily be uploaded to a GPS unit and used for navigation.’
      • ‘This mission consists of up to 100 waypoints, guiding the aircraft home using altitude and airspeed settings at each waypoint.’
      • ‘You can still upload routes, tracks, and waypoints, but you can't download.’
      • ‘Another downside to this situation is that data, including GPS waypoints, will be lost when the plotters are updated.’
      • ‘Of course, you can manually enter waypoints for intersections and other locations, but this is tedious.’
      • ‘If your autopilot is more than about 10 years old, upgrading to an autopilot that contains the additional sensor and that can automatically track to a waypoint can significantly enhance your boating experience.’
      • ‘As you get into open waters, you select a split screen with the radar on the top half, and a chartplotter with an offshore waypoint on the bottom half.’
      • ‘The latest GPS receivers not only give an accurate position, but store a number of waypoints, and compute distance travelled, speed and direction.’
      • ‘Preflight mission planning defines waypoints using GPS and specifies particular maneuvers, such as circling, by making annotations with a pen on a digital map.’
      • ‘It provides a user-friendly computer with an internal GPS and moving-map capability that indicates an aircraft's position and waypoints.’
      • ‘I've seen too many near misses where the boater had his eyes glued to the chartplotter, radar, or the waypoint indicator, and not the waters around him.’
      • ‘They already have many thousands of waypoints documented plus they have great flight recording kit and analysis software.’
      • ‘As a bonus, the ship provided GPS waypoints where they would be upon our return.’
      • ‘The software integrated the tide and current tables for the Chesapeake Bay so that it calculated more accurately the time to each waypoint of the trip.’
      • ‘And best of all, you can add your own data to the map - landmarks, routes, GPS waypoints, or personal reminders about avoiding that bog where you once pitched a tent.’
      • ‘It stores more than 100 waypoints, displays various features in different colours and feels good in your hand.’
      • ‘By entering a series of waypoints, you can create a route and store the whole thing for later use.’