Meaning of wazz in English:


Pronunciation /waz/


(also waz)
informal British
  • An act of urinating.

    • ‘Fine if you're just nipping in for a wazz; but anyone who comes in, drops their trousers and sits on the bog will be plunged into darkness before they've finished.’
    • ‘Suppose I was on a bus and desperately needed a wazz.’
    • ‘Incidentally, human urine is a rich source of nitrogen, an essential nutrient for kick-starting compost, so feel free to have a wazz in the heap if your neighbours aren't looking.’


(also waz)
[no object] informal British
  • Urinate.

    • ‘I feel that I should confess to wazzing in a coffee cup and throwing the contents out of the window.’
    • ‘Faced with the same impossible task of reaching the Gents, they too followed their leader's example, headed for our corner and happily wazzed away.’


1980s origin uncertain; perhaps an alteration of whizz.