Meaning of we've in English:


Pronunciation /wiːv/ /wɪv/


  • We have.

    • ‘Perhaps it is an inevitable consequence of the the way we've constructed our lives.’
    • ‘The second team is now very young and we've only really got a squad of 13 to choose from.’
    • ‘He's been very well behaved with us and we've hardly heard a serious word from him.’
    • ‘Everyone is right behind the scheme and we've move heaven and earth to make it a total success.’
    • ‘The timing for this couldn't be worse because we've just had a very bad cold spell.’
    • ‘As we've come to expect, there's a lot of litter to be cleared up after the festive season.’
    • ‘On or around that date the management came to us and said this is all we've got.’
    • ‘Today we can reveal that not only have we smashed the target but we've done it a year ahead of schedule.’
    • ‘I think we have let our standards drop since we beat Rangers and we've had the cup final in mind.’
    • ‘To this one meets the familiar Gallic shrug we've seen most years since the fall of Paris.’
    • ‘We've spelled out our plans, we've set out our spending plans for the next six years.’
    • ‘If we don't conduct our lives as if this never happened then we've let the terrorists win.’
    • ‘Now we've got the peace folk coming I have no doubt it will scupper the whole thing.’
    • ‘Our recent form has been awful, we've had a loss of form and a loss of confidence.’
    • ‘There's much still to be done, but at least we've all taken the important first step.’
    • ‘So we've contributed once again to a really entertaining match and that pleases me.’
    • ‘I am obsessed with youth revolutions, and this film is of two of the three that we've had.’
    • ‘It's not a clear-cut situation to say we've beaten one of the best teams in the world.’
    • ‘For our part, we've got to get our heads down and get on with improving the existing network.’
    • ‘We discussed a collaborative weblog that we've been threatening to set up for a while.’



/wiːv/ /wɪv/