Meaning of weak sauce in English:

weak sauce

Pronunciation /ˈwiːksɔːs/


mass noun informal US
  • Something that is of a poor or disappointing standard or quality.

    • ‘the rest of your argument is weak sauce’
    • ‘Assuming your document is true (a big assumption), it is weak sauce.’
    • ‘His highlight vids were weak sauce, at best.’
    • ‘For a man that knows how to craft a hooky chorus, this is some pretty weak sauce.’
    • ‘As for myself, my tolerance for weak sauce is currently at a minimum, so I'll pass for now.’
    • ‘Before you start mouthing off next time, be prepared to back it up beyond the weak sauce you're using here.’
    • ‘The Four Tops lead singer sang with such unbridled passion, this is really weak sauce by comparison.’
    • ‘The fact that the team and their fans are whining about a college football strategy is weak sauce.’
    • ‘His scorn for all this weak sauce is sharply evident.’
    • ‘When some weak sauce is served, your readership who came for the good stuff is let down and lets it be known.’
    • ‘I am a huge fan, but the record just sounded weak sauce by comparison.’
    • ‘Weak sauce from him, expect a marketing blitz to whitewash over it.’


informal US
  • Of a poor or disappointing standard or quality.

    • ‘don't buy this weak-sauce car even with the price cut’
    • ‘His weak-sauce explanation does nothing to contradict his initial claim.’
    • ‘But once the Opposition's weak-sauce amendments were added to the Bill, they folded like a camping chair.’
    • ‘And frankly, that's a fairly weak-sauce excuse.’
    • ‘I think Americans are clear that they find these options weak-sauce.’
    • ‘In the past 5 years we have heard way too much of this and it is creating a nation of weak sauce lawyer-calling idiots.’
    • ‘You knew what you were doing with that weak sauce cheap shot.’
    • ‘The news channel had the story, albeit with a few inaccuracies and weak sauce arguments, but still.’
    • ‘Pretty sad when you write weak sauce comments and then reply to yourself.’
    • ‘These YouTube people are making weak sauce videos and want to get paid.’
    • ‘Service: definitely pretty weak sauce here.’
    substandard, below standard, below par, bad, deficient, defective, faulty, imperfect, inferior, mediocre


1980s humorous alteration of weak.