Meaning of wear-resistant in English:



  • (of a surface or material) not easily damaged by friction or use.

    ‘a layer of wear-resistant rubber matting’
    • ‘wear-resistant carbide blades’
    • ‘The metallic plating was either nickel or chromium which presented a hard, wear-resistant surface capable of being highly polished.’
    • ‘A tip made of wear-resistant material is suited for use with abrasive resins.’
    • ‘Movement is fine tuned, and each leg is fitted with a wear-resistant sole.’
    • ‘We can harden aluminum parts to make them even more wear-resistant.’
    • ‘In which of these areas could plastic wear-resistant materials be used?’
    • ‘Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass, followed closely by perennial ryegrass, are among the most wear-resistant species.’
    • ‘These pans are also very wear-resistant.’
    • ‘Hardened stainless steel is the most wear-resistant material, but it is also the most expensive.’
    • ‘The keypad is wear-resistant so that as long as you keep it clean, thieves won't be able to detect which keys are most often used.’