Meaning of wear thin in English:

wear thin


  • Be gradually used up or become less convincing or acceptable.

    ‘his patience was wearing thin’
    • ‘the joke had started to wear thin’
    • ‘The truth is, however, that you can only watch a movie so many times before the appeal wears thin.’
    • ‘Anyway, he was funny and fun; but then I saw him a few more times and the gag wore thin.’
    • ‘Perhaps the excitement of her fantasies wore thin, and she became obsessed with the idea of confessing all, hence acquiring a thrill and notoriety of a different sort.’
    • ‘I thought the joke wore thin really quickly, actually.’
    • ‘Graham was more diligent, and obtained some good results but, in the end, his patience wore thin and he came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the effort.’
    • ‘We started off with the best of intentions, but the stamina wore thin as the days and nights went by.’
    • ‘‘Only then will you understand why our patience and tolerance is wearing thin,’ says a harried-looking constable.’
    • ‘This search for meaning through interior decor, however, wears thin and, while Alan is away in America where he has been head-hunted to run research for a leading textile firm, Patsy embarks on an affair back home in England.’
    • ‘It wears thin though once the trivia bits begin repeating themselves.’
    • ‘But having said that patience locally is wearing thin.’