Meaning of weasel words in English:

weasel words

plural noun

  • Words or statements that are intentionally ambiguous or misleading.

    ‘On this there can be no room for equivocation, weasel words or fudge.’
    • ‘I'm not sure that most of these words and expressions are weasel words, though.’
    • ‘And anyone reading the weasel words of doubt that are insinuated throughout this text can only have profound concern about the basis for which the country is to go to war.’
    • ‘Instead we shall be presented once more with weasel words, evasions and probably downright lies from the government's legal apologist.’
    • ‘His weasel words of peaceful intent would be pronounced worthless and he would be condemned as having had secret designs on the destruction of the country all along.’
    • ‘Writing with passion and real anger, Roy dissects the weasel words and outright lies used to justify this cowardly attack, making the clear connection between military might and economic hegemony.’
    • ‘Even though she prefaces her remarks with weasel words about the contribution of the priests and religious to society, her main point is that the Church should be kicked out of schools, because some priests have abused children.’
    • ‘The disclaimer that all auditors use contains so many weasel words that you really have to ask what the value of their function is.’
    • ‘Instead of using words like ‘shall’ or ‘will’, the government lets the developer off with weasel words like ‘expects’.’
    • ‘We took the government to task for its weasel words and false promises.’
    • ‘Instead of protesting about the countries' human rights records, the Foreign Office has responded with weasel words because these are countries they are trying to do business with - often arms business.’
    • ‘OK, so both stories are loaded with weasel words.’
    • ‘I can't help but wonder if it will be a toothless wonder, replete with weasel words to allow the Government to continue to restrict access to reports which may be politically uncomfortable.’
    • ‘All I heard were some anonymous weasel words written by a bunch of corporate hacks who realize they can no longer defend or obscure one of their more egregious lies.’
    • ‘And as always the Council comes up with some weasel words.’
    • ‘So the answer is to lie outright, but to leave himself an escape clause by using weasel words like ‘if that's the case’.’
    • ‘Those weasel words betrayed the First Minister's true agenda.’
    • ‘So weasel words about tolerance and maturity count for nothing.’
    • ‘These are indeed the all too familiar weasel words of appeasement.’
    • ‘These weasel words about how they have the best interests of people in flood areas at heart just won't wash.’
    • ‘What will not work is to try to resolve the matter by using weasel words and sophistry to escape from a moral obligation.’