Meaning of webinar in English:



  • A seminar conducted over the Internet.

    • ‘I see far too many sales teams focus all their attention toward hosting fancy webinars or creating snazzy web-based marketing channels.’
    • ‘We have included a link to an SAP Insider website where the recent webinars are archived for your viewing.’
    • ‘Does the topic lend diversity to the total menu of webinars for the year?’
    • ‘Mark your calendars for another Trados webinar at December 14th.’
    • ‘Need more tips on design, check out VerticalResponse's tutorials and webinars.’
    • ‘We sponsored two webinars on workforce development, with over 300 people participating.’
    • ‘Steve Dennen, the Senior Director of Market Research at comScore, provided some examples to illustrate what the company views as an evolving search landscape during a webinar this afternoon.’
    • ‘In addition to individual counseling, we offer virtual job clubs, webinars, and turbo job workshops.’
    • ‘The webinar is designed to be at the introductory level, but even long-time bloggers will benefit from the material covered in the webinar.’
    • ‘For example, a software firm's website might include calls-to-action to download a free trial, access a whitepaper or signup for a webinar.’
    • ‘We will make ourselves known through speaking engagements, webinars, videos, and interviews, all the while delivering the same level of quality and excellence we strive towards.’
    • ‘The partners allocated funds to produce webinars, to retain a PR agency, and to host a series of free events at which they would demonstrate their services.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago, we hosted a webinar for developers on these and other aspects of the development process and received positive feedback from the attendees.’
    • ‘Get two of your best customers to help conduct peer 2 peer webinars to discuss best practices and issues with peers you invite.’
    • ‘This one-hour webinar provides valuable insight into some of the features available.’
    • ‘The webinar mentioned in our earlier post will take place today, and be followed by a conversation on this Motion-powered site.’
    • ‘Activities include joint webinars and seminars with those partners.’
    • ‘Aarp also has webinars and job fairs.’
    • ‘This webinar will show you how this will help you manage service delivery, reduce support costs and run support.’
    • ‘This webinar will show you how network effectively.’


1990s blend of web and seminar.