Meaning of webmaster in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɛbˌmɑːstə/

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  • The person who maintains a particular website.

    ‘This is a very common mistake that webmasters/programmers make when dealing with gradient color background.’
    • ‘Find out the name and email address of the webmaster of the site and add them to your database.’
    • ‘The dangers and harmful effects of webmasters focusing on search engines are very evident.’
    • ‘Adding and updating events online is a task which usually falls to an overworked webmaster or website manager.’
    • ‘Don't be shy about checking out other webmasters' source codes.’
    • ‘In an e-mail sent to webmasters the company said it was bringing forward a $320,000 investment in hardware and software upgrades.’
    • ‘The ad boxes can be modified by webmasters to resemble the website's color scheme.’
    • ‘What should you say to the webmaster in the email or phone call that'll increase your chances of them linking their site to yours?’
    • ‘You then email the webmaster of the other site and ask for a link in return.’
    • ‘This has become a popular alternative and an effective revenue-sharing program for webmasters.’
    • ‘One of the many responsibilities of being a webmaster is keeping tabs on the traffic your site receives.’
    • ‘In some cases, webmasters concentrate on designing the web pages and entrust the writing of sales copy to professional copywriters.’
    • ‘Providing viewers with very little content is a common mistake many webmasters make when they develop their website.’
    • ‘Some webmasters will simply link to any website that links back to them.’
    • ‘The biggest mistake I see webmasters making is creating a website with little content.’
    • ‘It is important to note that the filter is not a punishment for anything the webmaster did with their new website.’
    • ‘So what should a webmaster do to give their website the best chance of ranking high in the search engines?’
    • ‘This should be an important reminder to all webmasters not to publish sensitive material online.’
    • ‘Therefore, it is advisable for webmasters to use key phrases instead of keywords for their meta tags and web content, so that they generate more targeted traffic.’
    • ‘All you have to do then, so the logic goes, is contact the webmaster and offer to exchange links.’