Meaning of webzine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɛbziːn/

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  • A magazine published online.

    ‘a webzine seeking to become essential reading rather than just another online pastime’
    • ‘She also publishes an independent webzine, The Philosophical Mother, where she often comments on motherhood and pop culture.’
    • ‘I started publishing a monthly webzine in October, called Foreign Accent.’
    • ‘Todd Seavey edits, a webzine published by the American Council on Science and Health.’
    • ‘National Review and its webzine have also published important stories on this subject.’
    • ‘I have developed more appreciation for how hard it is to publish a webzine.’
    • ‘Since Digital Web is a webzine for designers, I am assuming that most of you reading this article are not programmers.’
    • ‘Web content may never pay off, and everything good may eventually crumble, leaving nothing behind but pornography and pathetic volunteer webzines.’
    • ‘Talk radio, webzines, list servers, message boards and now blog sites have one thing in common.’
    • ‘This bill, by contrast, explicitly excludes all blogs, online news sites, and webzines from journalistic protections, unless they are affiliated with a traditional media outlet.’
    • ‘Howard, you're one of the main editors of a daily webzine dedicated to the nanotech industry and then you do a nano blog besides.’
    • ‘There is no reason why those who are interested in expanding the influence of these ideas cannot create their own message boards, mailing lists, webzines, etc.’
    • ‘Actually, the poster business is almost as lucrative as the advertising we get for the webzine.’
    • ‘She has been putting together a new webzine - this time focused on food - and she asked if I might like to contribute.’
    • ‘Started as a webzine, it has progressively evolved to include an online record label, which now counts just under ten releases.’
    • ‘Your webzine is the best I've looked at for a while.’
    • ‘I guess the term webzine is much broader then I thought.’
    • ‘In fact, it's almost enough to inspire one to start a webzine of one's own.’
    • ‘I think someone should write an article for the webzine on this subject.’
    • ‘It will discontinue in its paper format, and will continue as a webzine only.’
    • ‘A while back, we did an email interview with Brian Orme which was originally intended for a popular online webzine (no names mentioned).’