Meaning of wedgie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɛdʒi/


  • 1A shoe with a wedge heel.

    • ‘After several seasons of wedgies and platforms reigning supreme on the streets and in the malls, this year, heels run the gamut.’
    • ‘The wedgies aren't too bad for dancing, a bit heavy but at least they go with my outfits.’
  • 2mainly North American An act of pulling up the material of someone's underwear tightly between their buttocks as a practical joke.

    • ‘It's like a fire drill at school, with marginally fewer attempted wedgies.’
    • ‘We used to shun them, mock them, give them wedgies and snicker when they played Dungeons and Dragons.’
    • ‘After that flour incident, someone slipped some ice cubes in my shirt, placed a big wad of gum on my pants, poured ink all over my hair, all topped with a big wedgie.’
    • ‘They'd roll me up and dump me into the trash or give me a mean wedgie!’
    • ‘The group, run by 15 staffers and volunteers, also advises youth on how to ward off wedgies and other forms of schoolyard intimidation with their Child Assault Prevention Program.’
    • ‘Anyone who disagrees with me is guilty of cheap demagoguery and will get what's coming when I'm doling out the wedgies and the Chinese burns.’
    • ‘So they got too may wedgies at summer camp back in the 70s.’
    • ‘She wore a red tunic that didn't try to mask her extremely feminine and athletic figure and pants so short that she couldn't possibly receive a wedgie.’
    • ‘I grinned as I shoved his face in the snow and Thatcher administered the wedgie.’