Meaning of weigh one's words in English:

weigh one's words


  • Carefully choose the way one expresses something.

    ‘He talks with a grace and poise that is typically German, weighing his words carefully as we discuss the band's new release.’
    • ‘‘It's better without Sophie,’ I reply, weighing my words carefully, ‘she has to learn that other people are willing to look past her image.’’
    • ‘Even so,’ she continued, weighing her words carefully, ‘I couldn't help but hope that I would get the chance to tell you how incredibly sorry I am.’
    • ‘She took a deep breath, weighing her words carefully before she spoke.’
    • ‘He took a deep breath and held it for a moment as he weighed his words carefully.’
    • ‘Presumably he weighed his words carefully, and meant to convey a threat.’
    • ‘She stared at him, her own discretion fleeting from her as she carefully weighed her words before speaking.’
    • ‘I think one should weigh one's words carefully.’
    • ‘‘When you have never had a special needs child before… ‘she pauses and weighs her words ‘… it is a discovery.’
    • ‘He's taking his time, weighing his words and squeezing them out in measured drops.’
    • ‘Carmel always brought intelligence and a sense of reality to her contributions at local authority level, weighing her words with care and consideration.’
    • ‘I could feel her staring, weighing my words and testing them to see if I was telling the truth.’
    • ‘‘If they're not yours,’ he seemed to be weighing his words, ‘Where did you find them?’’
    • ‘‘Well… there is one actually,’ he began slowly, weighing his words and hoping he would sound convincing enough.’
    • ‘Kyle remained quiet for a moment, weighing his words.’
    • ‘Denny stared at him, weighing his words, and finally nodded.’
    • ‘She stared intently at Jude, weighing his words in her mind.’
    • ‘There was a moment's pause and he spoke again, weighing his words.’
    • ‘He sensed her weighing his words, considering his description.’
    • ‘His eyes carried a strange intensity, as if he were weighing his words and the impact they would have on her.’
    • ‘He answered slowly and cautiously, as if weighing his words before he said them.’
    • ‘She paused, weighing her words before speaking them.’
    • ‘We agree that the country is at war and that we all must weigh our words accordingly.’