Meaning of weight training in English:

weight training

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mass noun
  • Physical training that involves lifting weights.

    ‘Simon first got involved with serious weight training when he began strengthening his body for tae kwon do.’
    • ‘Error number two, doing only cardio or only weight training during a workout routine.’
    • ‘She added yoga and extra weight training to her off season fitness regimen.’
    • ‘It has been reported that one athlete took courses in weight training, bowling and jogging.’
    • ‘I believe in weight training and work out myself, but do not plan to make recommendations on that topic.’
    • ‘Jon's workouts would consist of a combination of weight training and cardio.’
    • ‘At the gym, I started weight training to build muscle.’
    • ‘She's found that with the right kind of weight training, you can resist some of the illnesses and weaknesses that come with old age.’
    • ‘In addition to martial arts and stunt work, she focused on weight training and yoga.’
    • ‘In addition to weight training, bodybuilders need protein to help repair and build muscle mass.’